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Rock in Pictures

This is my roomie S. at our impromptu karaoke party on Saturday. I tear up when he sings I’m Not in Love. Even with the pornorific pencil moustache.

Last night one of the greatest rock bands ever was in our neighborhood. The first time I ever had a psychedelic snack, I was watching the video for Under the Milky way when they kicked in. I have not been the same ever since. Which is why I had to do a urine test when I applied for a job at a movie theater. Don’t worry, I always carry a spare. Oh but they still got it. Marty informed us that he has so much talent and charisma, it was bound to ooze onto the first two rows and coagulate there. At one point he needed a stool to support the weight of his genius. WE LOVE MARTY!

I quit my job. But I got another. I am going home to watch Bartleby.

Here are some more things that ROCK:

1. Leaving for sunny Berlin in a week-ish.

2. Orange Julius

3. Going to the roller rink this weekend.

4. Starsky and Hutch!!!


Eighteen Things to Feel Good About That Have Nothing to do With It Being A Friday

18. If you can read this, you aren’t dead.

17. Batman!

16. Venti Latte

15. Doin’ the Butt

14. Finding out that someone else who isn’t you just got fired/demoted/a bad perm.

13. The number 13

12. Swivel chairs

11. STIFF, A book on the interesting lives of cadavers.

10. Cardigans with “Lambchop” stitched to the shoulder (you should all feel good about this)

9. Anticipation of Starsky and Hutch, the Movie.

8. The Miss Gothic Massachusetts competition

7. Andy Gibb’s smile

6. Someone probably admires you.

5. Lunch dates with ex-Mormons

4. Electric pencil sharpener

3. The Microscopic Robots of the Future

2. Sun rises

1. A new little sister!

(for those of you keeping score at home, I have a potential little sister through the Big Sister program. I am going to meet her soon! Until then, I am obligated to keep her identity confidential. Stay tuned!)

Don’t have a whack attack

So I got a message from a friend the other day, “hey, I saw you in the street today and it looked like you were mumbling obscenities under your breath…” That’s right, cursing and raving is not just for the homeless and the criminally insane anymore! What can I say I am having a bad couple of days. And I am Irish.

But then I was over at my neighborhhod Hess station and LO! If you buy a drink the size of a cruise missile, you get it in a fancypants Starsky and Hutch cup. I am more excited about the release of this movie than a person ought to be. It’s because it bodes well for the realization of my life long dream:

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Movie

Just think about that for a moment, won’t you?