Greatest Non-Prosecutable Hits

Fabulous Golden Issue, 2/4/03, on manchowder for what ails you. Not actual medical advice.

Lambchop and Licketysplit, 2/19/03, Lambchop’s rendering of the origin of the species

Gentlemen Take Polaroids, 3/19/03, Kitty Winn instructs on taking the perfect Victim Tribute Photo

Trading Dungeons, 4/29/03, wherein we introduce the term “Makeshift Chamber of Horrors”

Soooo Good!, 8/03, we went to see Uptown Girls. RIP Brittany Murphy. And Dakota Fanning. Oh, she’s not? Really?

Hot 97, 11/13/03, the origins of Vomitola

Oh! Bodddyyyyy!, 11/18/03, Lambchop provides a point

Counterpoint: Bodddyyyy, I am tired of doing our taxes!, 11/19/03, Counterpoint from Licketysplit

Huzzah, huzzah!, 11/20/03, It was Lambchop’s 21st birthday!

Love is in the air, Valentine’s Day Round Up, 2/04, the invention of the Kitty Dukakis and Have Sex With an Ugly Person Day

What day is it? Thursday again!, 4/1/04, Licketysplit makes botox at home

Ladies and Gentleman, we are floating in space, 4/23/04, the bitter results of Have Sex With an Ugly Person Day

Is she poor?, 7/16/04, What happens to poor chicks: a cautionary tale

Election 2004 Coverage, 11/04, start from the bottom, as is the usual custom! Morrissey and Adam and the Ants.

Which Morgan Are You? How to Tell if You Are a Loser at Love, 12/2/04, and ever-relevant quiz, by Lambchop

Vomitola for President, 2/05, start from the bottom, tee hee! Who shall rule the frozen banana stand?

is good to be beautiful, 10/4/05, medical advice to avoid having ugly friends

Putting the Fun Back in Funeral, 3/13/06, this explains a lot about Licketysplit’s formative years

Product Review: The Blendtec Total Blender/That Baby From the Grocery Store, 7/14/07, Licketsplit on the sad lies we tell ourselves to gum through our day

The Murderer Next Door, 12/29/07, Could someone’s Makeshift Chamber use sprucing up? Plus! Financial Planning for Murderers.

Election 2008, 11/08, Morrissey had opinions on this one too! What would Lambchop do for an old fashioned?


Best in a series:

Stuff on My Morrissey. Like it sounds.

Rock Debate, a series of New Romantic op-eds on life. Read bottom up.

Kitty Winn, a chipped dish who can dish it out. Got a question for Kitty?

Stella Nuance, your Heloise of heinousness, dispensing crime advice for the stupid among you

Thelma Haney, hair criminal and plain spoken American woman

Last, but not least: Galerie de Melvin! When you need to take in the rantings and musings of a well-heeled nihilist beagle with a questionable command of the French tongue, look no further.

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