is good to be beautiful

I went to Russian Dentist this morning. He is a rare delight beyond comprehension. He changed the poster on the ceiling above the chair to a print of Dali’s “Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Grand Piano.”

So we listened to opera, and he half-heartedly tinked away at my teeth with a scaler, muttering that my teeth are too good for his business. Yes, my teeth are exquisite. I can’t help it. Don’t be jealous.

He said that people must eat only fresh vegetables and spend more time listening to beautiful music and looking at beautiful things. “Go, go to museum of art!” He said looking at ugly things is a terrible idea, and one will have mean, ugly children if one does this. At last, I said, medical advice to divest myself of all my unattractive friends.

And then I thought about it, and I realized I actually don’t have any of those. Prevention is the best medicine! We laughed and laughed together, and then he commanded “You spit now!” When in Minsk.

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