Gentlemen take polaroids

from the desk of Kitty Winn

Dear Kitty Winn,

I sure am all a twitter because of this talk of terrorism. I know, that’s sooo 2001. But the government is going on and on, and there’s those terrible orange flashing lights to remind me I should be scared shitless. We’re at Condition Tangerine Dream, Condition Creamsicle, or whatever, if you hadn’t heard. Do you remember those Flintstones Orange Sherbet push-up pops? I loved those. I also have an orange push-up bra. Now here’s the problem: I would like to go buy a cardigan and a rude t-shirt at French Connection or something, but I am too afraid to leave the house. Which means I have to watch Dr. Phil or TLC all day. And while I love Trading Spaces, I’ll never get to be on it if I can’t walk out my front door! And my neighbors have a butt-ugly couch! This is a matter of the greatest import.

climbing the walls when I should be painting them,

-Betsy Wetsy

Dear Betsy,

Trading Spaces? Why I suppose I do trade spaces, in my own way…the ranch for the chalet, the penthouse for the yacht. So it goes. But really dear, why do the decorating yourself? *whispers, behind hand* There are PEOPLE to do that sort of thing for you! The only valid sprucing up activities should be related to personal grooming or costuming.

So, to that end, Kitty urges you to throw caution to the winds and venture out! Ob la di, life goes on. You will perambulate the shopping lanes with vigor, head held high, tresses conditioned and bouncing. The secret to inner composure is knowing you have a sparky victim tribute photo ready and waiting in case of emergency!

Kitty suggest a 3/4 view for your shot, as it is most flattering. You should also tip your chin down, while tightening the muscles beneath it, and look upward just a bit — never directly at the camera. Kitty learned this from Princess Di, and it never fails. Neutral make up is preferable, with a smidge of extra eye definition. A good brow is key; consult a professional if you are in doubt. You want to look like the very best version of yourself, not a painted whore. Unless you are a painted a whore, and then different strokes, right? Still, Never. Ever. Contour.

Now Kitty also insists that you order from a reputable photographer. You don’t want to see “Olan Mills” or “Lifetouch Portraits” stamped in the corner. Why not just let your mom use that horrid senior portrait then? Your big hair will be your lasting contribution. Maybe she’ll also helpfully give an interview about how much you loved whatever unfashionable band you liked in high school. You know she wants to! So, having a prepared statement is also key. You’ll want to detail exotic hobbies, luxurious interests, etc. What sounds better: “Betsy died as she lived, sunning on the prow of the yacht Serendipity,” or “Betsy was a paralegal, and she enjoyed bowling and was a real big Dokken fan.”

So my pet, image is everything, and it will most certainly outlive you. Feel better? Super! Bellicose? You mean bella cosa.

graceful under pressure,


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