Advice! Yes, please!

I went to meet a pediatrician this morning. I had picked the most attractive person in the practice, but she was busy, which left Miss First Runner Up. So Stunt Double presented me with a photocopied booklet with line art of a demonic teddy bear on it. I knew right then that I would die inside when I opened it. I hadn’t even considered that bad graphic design might muscle in and blot out the sun. But you can’t plan on some things, like nostril pimples or getting audited.

I did, however, expect a blank stare when I mentioned having the baby outside a hospital. I expected the googly eyes when I mentioned that we’d be delaying/selectively vaccinating. Check checkity check. When I got home, I read through the booklet. It had a Dos and Don’ts section, and I was all primed to see photos of anonymous people wearing fanny packs or ripped tights, but it turned out that only happens in Glamour Magazine.

Instead, I read:

“DON’T put baby face down on a waterbed.”

That really hit home. I can’t believe I was planning on storing her that way. The more you know…. ding DING dee….

Then the business card fell out. COMIC SANS. Hi, hi!

I am just not taking the parasite to the doctor, ever. There’s nothing a little colloidal silver and homemade Botox can’t fix, right?

5 responses to “Advice! Yes, please!”

  1. One doesn’t go to attractive doctors for their advice or their choice of typeface. One goes for the sex.

  2. I have my own doctors for the sex, duh. But I am not letting my offspring have sex with someone who uses Comic Sans. A responsible parent must draw the line somewhere.

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