There’s no dog, but there IS a baboon!

What a big, exciting weekend. I got the Ren & Stimpy DVDs I’ve been coveting for so long! And then whaddya know, one of my favorite episodes was on TV for free yesterday. Rip. Big rip. Then Mr. H made me go to Linens N’ Things. I guess we need things. He always wants crap like throw blankets. I ran around like a child who has slipped its leash while he evaluated thread counts. Look! They have candy! Do you see! Candy! We left with some candy. You are a true friend, Stimpy.

I’d say more (or less? since whatever I was going to say is hardly substantial. it probably has to do with food.), but I was up all night with a migraine (not related to the candy, honest). And people have started doing that mega-annoying thing where they call all our assorted phone numbers in quick succession if we don’t answer right away, because clearly that will help them gain faster access to Important News. If you want Important News, try CNN. Or the Boston Globe, where they only confuse “its” and “it’s” 50% of the time. The only people here are us firedogs.

2 responses to “There’s no dog, but there IS a baboon!”

  1. a) I hate the Globe website. I am convinced that it sucks deliberately to make people buy the print edition.

    b) I saw on some daddy-oriented weblog today that there is now a birth-announcement service where you record a message and enter phone numbers, and then when The Moment comes, you just call one number and send out the announcement automatically. Like there needs to be one more product/service for new parents.

    c) I just planted eleven more basil plants (our total is nearly 20; this makes the yard about half basil and half lawn) so there will be plenty of pesto for you once you are in a gift-and-guest-recieving mood. Of course, you eating pesto will probably turn out to make the baby gassy or something. And I’ll have to think of some other gift like cat-grooming gift certificates. Or gold boullion or parent-distracting services.

  2. a) I regularly write to them. I have a form letter in all caps that says “IF I WANTED TO READ CRAP LIKE THAT, I’D BUY THE HERALD. IT’S EASIER TO FOLD ANYWAY!” Not that I buy the Globe anyway.

    b) That reminds me, I need to work on our media release document.

    c) Babies LOVE garlic! For serious.

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