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…Like I need a hole in the head


Today only! Interview with a folksinging exposure victim!

Notorious T.I.M.: I almost died today waiting for the redline at Harvard..

Notorious T.I.M.: folk singers

Licketysplit: no!

Notorious T.I.M.: you would have gotten such a laugh

Notorious T.I.M.: there is this new pair

Licketysplit: worse than carnies!

Notorious T.I.M.: man and woman

Notorious T.I.M.: they sing in harmony

Notorious T.I.M.: he plays guitar

Notorious T.I.M.: so after seeing that preview I’m dying laughing

Licketysplit: how revolting it must have been for you!

Notorious T.I.M.: the T was backed up so I got stuck listening to like 5 or 6 songs

Notorious T.I.M.: I came in at “River runs deep”

Licketysplit: holy shit

Notorious T.I.M.: which had the same chorus over and over that said “deep” like 8 times

Licketysplit: do they do this kind of thing to be *funny*?

Notorious T.I.M.: river runs deep, the river runs deep, deeper than the deep valley to the deep sea, river runs deep

Notorious T.I.M.: no

Notorious T.I.M.: I don’t think so

Notorious T.I.M.: then there was “hercules and einstein”

Licketysplit: oh man i’m cracking up

Notorious T.I.M.: then they broke into “give a little kindness”

Notorious T.I.M.: which had the best line of “loving your neighbor/ looks good on paper”

Notorious T.I.M.: “but its really hard to live that way” or something

Notorious T.I.M.: I didn’t think it could get any cheesier but

Notorious T.I.M.: then came “You’ve got to have a backup plan”

Licketysplit: gack!

Licketysplit: nothing like starting your day on a totally surreal footing

Notorious T.I.M.: it’s main chorus line was something like “you’ve got to have something to fall back on, you have to have a little something on the side”

Licketysplit: did you write this shit down?

Notorious T.I.M.: so sometimes he starts in with his light guitar playing and sings, then she comes in and they sing in harmony the rest of the song

Notorious T.I.M.: haha, no I just had to listen for so long

Notorious T.I.M.: I tried to remember on purpose because I had to tell you

Licketysplit: i am so glad you did!

Notorious T.I.M.: I’ve seen them like twice now

Notorious T.I.M.: but today I listened

Licketysplit: this is totally reviving me from my marginally hungover state

Notorious T.I.M.: they were straight out of the movie [A Mighty Wind]

Notorious T.I.M.: they made me want to jump in front of the next train


Do it for Science!

Hello boys and girls, Kitty Winn here. You may remember our distraught young writer from yesterday, Pine Fresh. Well, he’s risen to the challenge and provided us with a smorgasboard of personal information. Kitty did have to coax a bit, but we’ve arrived at an intriguing profile. So sit back, enjoy, and prepare to pounce on this tasty morsel!

Kitty Winn: So, give us some basic statistics.

Pine Fresh: Human male. 5’8″, 156 pounds. I’m a guilty white liberal. A yuppie.

KW: Hobbies and interests?

PF: I like art, both creating and looking at it. I enjoy going to see bands or DJs, but I don’t like the club scene so much. When it’s not too cold I like to just wander around the city and try to get lost in a new neighborhood.

KW: Favorite food?

PF: I like sushi, or spicy chinese eggplant.

KW: Favorite sad movie/ favorite funny movie:

PF: For sad, I think you have to go for “Happiness”, and for funny I really like “The Usual Suspects.”

“Oswald was a fag” is such a great line. And “No, give ME the gun, you motherfucking cocksucker.”

KW: Favorite reading material, printed and online:

PF: Books I liked: The Corrections (I know, I know), magazines I read: the New Yorker (for the articles!) and The Economist (for the cartoons!), and websites I like include boingboing.net.

KW: And he also meant to add “Vomitola!” What are you listening to right now?

PF: Public Enemy, “Fear of a Black Planet.”

KW: What makes you a good fling?

PF: I’ll call once or twice, and I’ll get the hint if you aren’t interested!

KW: What makes you a good long term relationship (LTR)?

PF: I listen to and respect my partner. I always make sure the other person is having as good a time as I am.

KW: Come on, let’s give our hopelessly immature readers a treat.

PF: I have nice muscles? I smell nice?

KW: Good enough. Favorite kitchen implement?

PF: Tongs.

KW: Nasty boy!

So there you have it, gentle readers. If you are a comely lass in search of a partner in the greater Boston area, write Kitty with a summary of qualifications, and we’ll see if we can make the first Vomitola.com love connection.