922: Out of order

You may have noticed 923 came before 922. I don’t think that’s a problem. Keep it to yourself if you do.

A cartoon of great worth.

I have got the flattening of affect that normally comes with the first pissant course of SSRIs doctors like to prescribe before they realize I need something fancier and more liver damaging, something that really tickles that hard to reach spot. However, I am not taking any medication. Maybe some Emergen-C here and there. To what do I attribute this fly trapped in amber deal? I had a recent phase of being overly affected by the various cruelties in the world and mourning my own memories, and instead of flipping the hell out, I managed to form my own protective coating. I am part oyster, although others will eternally maintain I am more of a clam. Forgetting is our best skill as humans. Darfur? Newark? Iraq? What? Those are funny noises. Do you have any meaning for me? I would like to borrow a cup of purpose. Or I could work on an icing recipe instead. The sun still comes up, and dogs still have to pee, and the sprinklers will turn on until there isn’t any water left.

2 responses to “922: Out of order”

  1. Dear Vomitola,

    How do you turn it all off? Whenever I try to detach from the world, all I end up doing is “forgetting” to write my book and playing Star Wars.

    Comic Sans

  2. Dear Comic Sans,

    do you have some emergency chocolate? You’ll also want to draw a bubble bath and take some “you time.” Go on vacation and consume no media for a while. Next, you will want a chair shaped like a giant octopus. It’s working wonders around here.

    The Scourge of Arial

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