The Lay of the Land Today at 10,000 Feet: A High Level Overview

I’ve got that ‘last day of school’ feeling so bad. I launched a site I’ve been slaving over for a while, because either the day before a holiday or a Friday at 5 p.m. is totally the best time to do complicated things like that. I did not break the database, and I am thankful.

Ever keep predicting things that are likely to happen anyway? I’ll think “That guy is going to call me,” and that guy does. Or “Heather just posted to Vomitola,” and she did. Or “My sister’s flight is cancelled.” If I weren’t psychic, I wouldn’t have known about that, because Orbitz just called to assure me that while there may be weather delays, the flight is on time. Then they called ten minutes later to say the flight will depart on time. However, I’d already checked the website thanks to my spidey sense, called the airline, and rebooked for tomorrow before I received either of those calls. I hope they call every ten minutes. It makes me feel important.

I am super excited that there will be pie tomorrow! I hope everyone has pie! Personally, I don’t eat, but I encourage you to try the Other Apple Pie: equal parts hard cider and Harpoon Winter Warmer. When my sister finally arrives after being squished in a tin can with ugly people, I will pour one down her gullet.

I wish you all a velocitous re-valuetization this holiday season. Link courtesy of Max, who hates both Freedom and America, almost as much as Orbitz does.

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