Am terrible person

I woke myself up this morning by laughing at my own joke in a dream. Ha! Haha! It was so funny that the parasite got the hiccups.

I’m doing my taxes, er, filling out the worksheet from the accountant. Did I start a farm last year? Please refresh my memory. I probably should have. This question seems leading.

Also, it’s Valentine’s Day. I have festooned the place with red confetti, and I’m wearing a fur bikini. By that, I mean mismatched socks. But they are pink! Who loves you?

4 responses to “Am terrible person”

  1. I have decided to honor my loved one by bathing and applying deodorizing chemicals to my underarms. Also napping so as to keep the bed warm for her.

  2. Happy V(omitola) day. I’ve dug up a three year old card my soon to be mister gave me, scratched out my name, and inserted his. Think he’ll notice? Congrats on the hitchiker, by the way. Why do my emails to you keep bouncing?

  3. Jenna: hmmm I dunno about the email! If hotmail doesn’t work for you, try helen@helen*mylastname*.com. I get plenty of spam at the licketysplit@vomitola email, so that should work too, in theory. or are you the one always emailing me about the Mexican pharmacy?

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