Get glad in the same pants you got mad in

I hear we have a killer storm heading this way. That’s fine, being snowed in will give me more time to chew a hole in the wall to create an additional phone jack in the right spot for the fax machine. Some would say “Put the fax machine near an existing phone jack,” and others would say “Why do you even have a fax machine?” These would both be valid lines of reasoning. But the fact is, I have to fax things, and I am not going to do it in the kitchen. I am having the extra jack put in the bathroom, so I can have a phone by the toilet like in a hotel. That makes much more sense.

And this reminds me of the nicest bathroom I’ve ever used, which is the one at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. Well, they have more than one. Many more. They are all nice. Once you are able to heat your bottom in a chamber of silence, you can never go home again.

I am feeling all very Prufrock today. There was a time when I did not deign to deal in faxing, except to think that faxable pizza would be a great idea. Read: I was baked more then. At least I have used a nice bathroom. That’s more than, I don’t know, Haiti can say.

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