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The FTD man is downstairs and the snow is melting from our very hearts! Need we remind you that Valentine’s Day is the single best day of the year?  I think not, for you are living in the same love-obsessed culture as we and are surely just as mad for glitter and artificial flowers.  We are going to be liveblogging this incredible celebration.  I had a box of honey chocolates for breakfast.  Why do they put nutritional information on the outside of these now?  I really did not need to know that winter hazelnut cream is rich in fat and utterly lacking in vitamin A. 

Please send us your heartrending tales of how your day is going.  Maybe someone “popped the question”.  You know, “Want to meet me in the bathroom?”  Or maybe you decided to dump someone today, because you are a bitch like that.  Perhaps you were even unfriended by a Morrissey impersonator (ed-true story).  No matter your fate on this gloriously saccharine day, there is a song about you.  And we are singing it.