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Everything Apart From Sleep

The Lord supposedly had his day of rest, and I have mine.  Unfortunately, mine includes an inability to remain asleep past 10 a.m. despite 5 a.m. bicycle trawls through a deserted and frozen Manhattan, work and a studio showing.  I have not had more than five hours sleep in many days, and I have an unpleasant floaty feeling in my head which tells me I am about to get sick.  Last month I caught a bad cold that followed on the heels of…not getting more than 5 hours sleep for a couple days in a row.  Hey, Sean T. Drinkwater was there for that one, too!  Like I always says, live and learn: not much.

What was I doing that could have possibly been worth the sacrifice of my health and sanity?  I did a visiting artist lecture at Hofstra, which was a smash.  It felt like a performance of my work, and a chance to throw out witticisms is always a good time.  The people seemed to like it.  If you are reading this and you belong to an institution that has a full program of famous and well-known artists, and you are tired of this and really want to scrape the bottom of the NYC barrel, I am AVAILABLE.

I also had the pleasure of a two day long celebration of the release of Freezepop’s new release, Imaginary Friends.  The listening party introduced me not only to the band’s newest and raddest, but also to the heretofore unknown to me musical stylings of Crispin Glover, circa 1993. Eeesh. On Day 2 Fpop played a show with Plushgun at Mercury Lounge. Even though my eyelids were springing around like Richard Simmons, I swilled the redbull and it was a great time.

Last night I caught a recreation Warhol’s Factory at Party XPO in Bushwick, it was really well done, all the silver decor and bouffants and beatniks. The only thing missing was maybe some mescaline. Twin Guns were amazing as the house band, the Velvet Underground. I love Twin Guns, seeing them always makes me feel like the lone stalker of the underground, like I am living in a Jarmuschian world where New York is still at its filthiest, its seamy underground alive.

I have to trudge on over to the studio. Goro is moving on to L.A. and we are seeking a new tenant. If you are reading this and you want to share studio space with the bottom of the NYC barrel, drop me a line. In the meantime, please enjoy Clowny Clown Clown, since I had to.