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Whatever happens, I love you

I ventured out to see the glorious world, and I soon got a warm, tingly feeling in my lower regions. Then I realized it was only the ass warmer in the car seat, and for the first time in 3 months, I shut it off with a flourish. Could spring be here soon? I might have to shave my legs.

I saw no real signs of Valentine’s Day in the streets, besides the occasional fly-by-night carnation/bear operation on a street corner, but the child did come home with a paper bag poorly stenciled with hearts and stuffed with little valentines. I want! Where is my paste-slathered offering? I suppose failing glitter and foam dove stickers, I would accept one of these.

Stuff on My Morrissey

I just know that Morrissey has a softer side than what he just presented to us and our advice-hound readers. I will not fail Morrissey. I will help him come to terms with the fact that some people are quite content to be alive.

Look, maybe he’s not so uncharitable to his fellow man after all:

Lord these words I beg of you
As I kneel down at my bed
Because soon I will be dead
Let’s face it soon I will be dead
And I just want to
I want to see the boy happy
With some hope in his pale eyes
Is that too much to ask?
Before I die
I have one final dream
For my own life I don’t care anything

There, see! He wants someone happy. He IS capable of it!

Oh. Wait. What’s that, speak up?


He was talking about a cat.

And I suppose that cat will rightfully eat him once he is dead. Carry on, Morrissey. Sorry to bother.