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Review, developments, toying with emotions

Local Cambodian restaurant “pretty good.”

Also: new traffic personal best of 29 minutes from my house to rockstar parking (at a broken meter!) on Newbury Street. New personal worst on the way home: 1 hour and forty-five minutes. No fault of my own.

Today was National Underwear Day. I hope it was pleasing to you. Maybe next week I will make that rude picture I was planning.

Like it’s my job

I spent an hour yesterday making a Flash movie of belts opening and shutting. Now, that should sell the hell out of some belts. Or not. Did I mention I work by the hour? Therefore it is not in my best financial interest to dissuade clients from some of the more retarded things they want. I usually do though, because I have some shred of decency. I must have been a buddha in a past life. That buddha did something horrible, like covet a handbag at Saks, and here I am. I’ll never get that hour of my life back, but that hour has transmuted into overpriced jeans and the Nouvelle Vague CD, which is splendid.

I realized I have wasted most of my summer working on some truly awful projects. I’m the girl who can’t say no. Although I did spend last weekend in New Hampshire for a bachelorette party. The things that go on! I am sworn not to repeat any of it, but clearly I am not the only one who can’t say no. I did take a weensy bit of video. It may have to return for National Underwear Day, but I think I need to make people sign releases first. All this buildup about NUD, and have I even started what I was planning on making? No. Because I am an idea person, not an action person. Unfortunately, both Lambchop and I are idea people. Consultants!

What what?

Well, it’s August 5th. This is mostly significant because it’s the day before the milk in the fridge reaches its sell-by date. It is also significant because with each passing day, we draw closer to National Underwear Day. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am by what we have planned here at Vomitola.

So that’s about it. I am sitting on the deck sucking up electrons and watching the brawny workers across the street. The cat just puked awfully close to my shoe, and did you ever solve something very difficult and just want to let someone know how awesome you are even though the other party won’t begin to understand? Well, I’m awesome.

The cops just pulled up in front of the house! This is not related to my awesomeness.