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I’m Thankful!

You say potato and I say “fuck it”, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off. I decided not to have Thanksgiving Dinner after all. Though I received several kind invitations to warm hearths, I decided I would rather laze around in my unheated room, and drive around looking for a convenience store that has frozen bagels. When you play surf music, everything feels like a Mission. Take Gas, Goofy Footer Hodad!

Like every lily-livered gold plated American, I have a tarjillion things to be thankful for. But no one wants to hear me opine about how lucky I feel to have all my limbs, food, and a bomb free-sky to gaze up at. So we decided to ask Happy-Go-Lucky Hasselhoff, for a list of the things he holds dear on this day. And we bring you:

I am Thankful For…

by Hasselhoff.

1. Adventure!

2. Chest Wax

3. Birdsong

4. My favorite well-worn Speedo, “the Gunboat”

but most of all,

5. The Germans!

Happy Thx-giving Everyone!