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Time after time


Today we reach a milestone in the Vomitorium: Our 500th post. Even Seinfeld didn’t make it to 500 episodes! It is only fitting, that as a blog about nothing, we go the distance. This one’s for you, Larry David.

Looking back on the past year and a half or so, we are humbled. All the hairstyles we’ve tried, all the candy necklaces eaten, all the gumjobs gummed. It’s staggering. To say nothing of the flailing. And as Connected Americans, we’ve done all of this while physically attached to each other. This is no small feat considering we live about twenty miles apart and enjoy traveling to other continents alone. Where is our genius grant?

As a convenience to our loyal readers, we’ve made a wee timeline detailing some of the hightlights of the past 499 posts.

>> View the timeline

Here’s hoping the next 500 violate you just as vilely. Remember, WE LET YOU LIVE.

Our fearful symmetry

Mr. H and I have made it through one year of marriage without killing each other or seriously intending to divorce. We celebrated this awesome achievment over several days with a lot of liquor and rolling around in someone’s backyard. That’s really no change from how this union began, except this year I did not throw up at all. Kudos to me!

Today is also Back to Skool. I have enrolled myself in several classes, as I can’t leave well enough alone after finding that my first set of student loans is now paid off. Before you know it, I will be a professional auto detailer. I am so glad I have the next few months to ponder the snappy saying I will inscribe on my mortarboard.