Wrap Your Head Around My Wrap Up

The end of the year provides not so much of an opportunity for reflection, as a temporary excuse for our boundless narcissism.  We are our own favorite meme!  Just look, Lickety has in fact posted another boob shot to instagram.

We have been so busy with Christmas.  If we had any time to glance at a headline, it was to giggle about all the nabobs and hoobjoobs who won’t be the next President, and whether Baby Goose wore shoes while working out.  Oh no, he didn’t! In all the fuss, you might have missed that Sinead O’ Connor, our standardbearer for consistency, has gotten divorced after 17 days.  She has been in the tabs quite a bit lately, for suggesting she might hump her truck, tweeting about suicide, or using the expression “the difficult brown”.  This has caused me a great deal of distress.  For I was 14 when Sinead released the Lion and the Cobra.  I was a heart pounding, crying in the mirror, soul burner of an adolescent when she appeared on SNL for the first time in a lace top with those purple tinted specs.  Sinead was so marvelously angry and weird and talented that most people barely noticed how achingly beautiful she was.  Even though she was a girl!

A number of things have gone south for me this year, and I can’t help dwelling with dismay on Sinead’s journey from ghost-eyed punk toward being an overweight embarrassment.  You may not be aware, but I was also a very clever and promising youth.  The bad news is that we all must age.  But hopefully we can do so with some semblance of dignity, even if we are a bit eccentric.  I am not sure I am a good example of this, having ended my summer by falling on my face and breaking my shoulder.  Don’t worry, intrepid soul that I am, I did not let this stop me from doing many more stupid things! My motto for 2012, Nothing Compares 2 Me.

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