Like a little lamb lead me to the slaughter!

Oh duckies, it is wet out there! I just swam home, after returning some overdue puppets. These things happen when one is as careless a lunk as I.

I was just at the doctor to find out how never to have any more children, and she had many helpful answers and diagrams. The more you know.

She ran down the usual health questions: “Have you become an alcoholic since I last saw you?” Not for lack of trying, lady.

Then she regaled me with tales of showing up at the crack of dawn to hospital committee meetings and storming out dramatically. I suggested that stress is a killer, and she agreed that she should start crazy pills or risk being non-functional until March. Hey, is this is a HIPAA violation if I’m the one talking about the doctor?

Anyway, we compared happy lites and exercise routines, and she told me about magical $59 fares on Southwest to the Caribbean. All medical professionals should be so helpful! She is going to St. Something in February, the perfect timing for escaping winter, and she mentioned she had no one to go with yet, but she was going anyway, and I almost hopped off the table to volunteer. We could party! We might see Zellweger skulking around. ATTACK!

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