Body of Work by Victoria; Dunning-Kruger

Hey, what’s your spirit animal? I am like that bear who can’t follow through! Since I recently spent approximately 25 years not following through, these days my life consists of a Bataan Death March of compensatory follow-through. I am under personal obligation to indulge and present any old crazy idea that occurs, no matter the peril or exhaustion.  To that end, may I present : Tales for Awful People, a collection of instructive fables.

Five years ago, two little squirrels (they were related) wrote a collection of fables, inspired by daily living and the terrible offenses committed in the name of that topic.

The squirrels got the name of a friend’s literary agent, and they agonized over writing a query, but because they are like The Yak Who Feared Success, they never sent it. These squirrels had A Childhood, you see. One of the squirrels recently said “Sister dear, since we are doing nothing better with the fruits of our labor, let us post installments on the internet.” The other squirrel said “Sure!”

But then the first squirrel was trolling around Amazon and discovered that David Sedaris just came out with a book of animal fables. “Fuck,” said the squirrel. There is a moral here somewhere.

A bear is here

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