The more I ignore me

Yesterday my lunch resigned from my stomach on short notice. As I was hunkered on the floor, a caustic freshet of broccoli dill soup shooting from both my mouth and nose, I realized it was the fourth anniversary of! Actually, I realized that this morning. And the anniversary is really last Monday. No, head in bowl, I thought “Heather would know just what to play!” That’s a compliment. Once I threw up during a college radio shift, and while I was off horking up my tacos, she played “The Choke” by Skinny Puppy. Oh, nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…nobody knows but boddddyyy.

I also realized that I haven’t thrown up in seven months and two days. Say, that’s the exact age of a ybab. Say. I threw up ON her on the most auspicious day of her birth. Should I put that in the memory book? Of course I’m going to. Where is the memory book, anyway? Mr. H has not thrown up in the entire six or seven years that I’ve known him. His take on the situation? “I’d rather crap.” Well, wouldn’t we all. Wouldn’t we all!

8 responses to “The more I ignore me”

  1. Morning sickness was quite the rude awakening for me after having gone almost half my life without throwing up. Made it 12 years.

    And what child wouldn’t want to know that her mother threw up on her? I think that’s most fitting for the book.

  2. Ick, sorry about the pukes. I have not thrown up since Aya was born either. I didn’t throw up on her though. And just like with Ari, max slept through all the puking…. Thank god for doulas.

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