Is it time to eat again?

Germ warfare continues at our half-packed hovel. Yesterday we managed to pack two whole boxes between coughing fits. Then we took a break to eat whatever was in the freezer and watch a movie featuring attractive people and improbable gunplay. Glamour, story glamour everywhere.

One church billboard has updated ahead of schedule. It reads “When doing heavy lifting, bend at the knees.” My first thought was that this was some sort of sex tip, but then I realized they were talking about praying. Oh. The other billboard rallied with something about casting your cares onto the Lord. Hang on, Lord, get ready to help me pack the spice drawer.

2 responses to “Is it time to eat again?”

  1. Max: I think “H3” rhymes better with the “Color TV” verse of the song. But honestly, now. If God were gonna buy a fancy new truck, it’d be that new Toyota Tundra with the mega-cab they kept showing at the detroit auto show. Mmmmm, Jesus could have rode away from the Romans in that thing, I tellsya.

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