Head Space

It’s interesting to note throughout history the lengths people will go to in order to remove each other’s heads. We at vomitola favor the method of those chilly Chinese, the Flying Guillotine. This dandy little basket made of whirring blades and a lampshade, can separate you from your topper with stunning efficiency. It’s a dark film, filled with all manner of cruel demise. We could not have come up with better ourselves.

And there are so many people out there who really would benefit from a head-ectomy. The streets and supermarkets are packed with the fumblers, mumblers, or just plain ugly. “Why are we plagued thusly?!” you ask us, gentle readers. We cannot answer this. We can only suggest you do as we do- medicate yourself, have a good time, and take a little lie down after trips to the store. Helen does! So what if you have to cross the street to avoid soemone unsightly! So you have to screen your calls and your eyes ache from rolling. You are obviously insane.

Merry Christmas, We Let You Live!


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