Is she poor?

As I was traipsing through the financial district the other day on my way to see my trusted financial advisor, I ran into a fan. No, no, not as shit runs into a fan. I am insulted you would even think that. An actual Vomitola aficionado. This fan recognized me, and then, as fans will often do, asked for an autograph before proceeding to tell me that lately this has been a forum for nothing but pictures of dogs and babies.

That’s true! Guilty as charged. Our public will not be satisfied until Lambchop manages to impregnate me atop a grand piano in the town square. Until such time as nature allows, I leave you with a filthy little story. It is a cautionary tale for any of you who are “pre rich.”

** As told by Mr. H **

So a buddy of mine in college was dating this new girl, and his friend Carl asked him how it was going. So J. says “It’s cool, we have fun. The only thing is she doesn’t have a good job, and her family can’t give her any money. So I pay for everything when we do stuff.”

And Carl says “So she’s poor, huh?

“Yeah, I guess, she’s kind of poor.”

Carl thinks for a minute. Then he says “You know what you should do?”

J asks “What?”

Carl says “You should fuck her in the ass.”

J. says “Because she’s poor?”

And Carl says “Yeah, man, hell yeah.”

So that’s what happens to poor chicks.

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