I have lost a day in there somewhere. Really. I spent all of yesterday believing it was tues. And was hopelessly unable to count or determine how many days had passed since sunday without getting up and looking at my desktop calendar. It just goes to show you, a day without a blog is like a broken pencil. Pointless.

Its all about self-improvement, though. Yesterday i learned how to purge an eggplant! (it does not mean what you think it does. thanks to Stu for the scrummy link!)

It has been pointed out to me that this Blog is rather lacking in personal information. I, who get to spend all day being me, am not sure this is a deficit. But ever ready to please, here is a List of the Top Ten Things I Hate That are In My Closet:

10. The punk rock belt I am no longer punk rock enough for.

9. The tube top with the picture of the dog on it. (I was with you, Lickety, when I bought this- please explain!)

8. Underwear that is only fit to be bled upon.

7. Yards of leopard fur that I am going to “do something with”.

6. Moths.

5. That silvery dress that looks so pretty on the hanger but makes my hips look like airport terminals.

4. Moths (i really do HATE them, scourge, but it’s too dull an item to occupy the top spot)

3. The unfathomable tangle of run, colored stockings.

2. The pink feather boa that Sheds.(I got rid of it on another continent and still get greeted by a puff of feathers when i open the door)

1. That stinky corpse.

Top Tens are all about payoff, aren’t they?


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