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Quiz! How Deep Is Your Love?

We really need to know…cos we’re living in a world of fools!

1. “Your song” is:

a. Bumpin’ wit Ho’s

b. Solid as a Rock

c. Crimson and Clover

d. Someone Left a Cake Out in the Rain

2. You deal with your relationship problems by:

a. Consuming a foot long grinder, smothered in cheese, grease dripping on my drawz.

b. Talking things over in an air of mutual respect, and security

c. Throwing shoes (5 points for the head, 10 points for the Area)

d. Consulting quizzes

3. How well do you sleep, together?

a. Who can sleep with that bitch blabbering?

b. I can spend hours staring at your sleeping face, and counting every single thing about you that makes me miserable, you smug, self-satisfied pig.

c. We cuddle a little under an enormous duvet.

d. We make a big fuzzy pile with our dogs and cats!

4. Your pet name for your mate is descriptive of:

a. a drug habit

b. personal failings

c. some charming or loving quality

d. their weight

5. The most important promise a lover can make to you is…

a. No bumpin’ wit Ho’s!

b. Stop being yourself. Be different. Be nice.

c. Come and find me after we die.

d. No Beaking!

There are no winners, there are no losers. To finish this test, please, just tell us, How Deep Is Your Love? The best answer wins something. We really need to know!