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Today is like this

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Did you know there are calories in food? I just found out about this. I am going to lodge a complaint with the maitre d’!

Don’t worry, this personal homepage is still about Renee Zellweger. I just thought I’d mix it up with a Nicole. I got a million more Zellwegers.

Hey, let’s talk about having sex with animals, in a totally non-topical way. Neal Horsley, anti-abortion wingnut who started the Nuremberg Files website to provide personal details about abortion providers, admitted to Alan Colmes that he’d had sex with a mule. But see, the mule wanted it. It was consensual bestiality, if not outright mule prostitution. Mules: they want to come over and bone us. I bet this is how the herpes spreads.

Ok, Zellwegers, I have to go buy organic fabric softener now.

Who wants to know?

Everyone is a pervert. You should all stop using Google, although I am amazed at how many of these terms we legitimately discussed. If you can call discussion of gum jobs legitimate.

gumjobs, monkey horse, dance fever, jennifer anniston toes, horse love, russian go go bar new jersey, workhouse treadmill charleston (ed.- from our fitness for orphans series), envy kitty, snappy garage sale slogan.

discredited, swan love spoon, questionaire about snack, pictures of beverly d’angelo wearing panties, renting things for parties like moon bounces, lindsay lohan’s fingernails, find translation patch to english for pokemon fire red, hulk tylenol, kiss harz mallet, dance jazz thong tard, hamster exfoliate.

anal leakage hot peppers, calories in maker’s mark, vomitola.com, putains, paula abdul bulimia, plastic wrap asphyxiation, kitty dukakis furniture, getting rid of chipmunks in new hampshire, short stories swinging speedos, meredith baxter burney (sic) nude, word mail merge albatross, zookeeper ergonomics, cats love cilantro, slimming wedding poses, the meaning behind she’s a brick house.

pictures of lindsay lohan’s underpants (ed.- she does not have to be wearing them, apparently), tina louise without makeup, what happened to kitty winn, what would david bowie do, openly masturbating, thong underwear opinions, rent an elephant, cruising fens + boston, photos of lizzie mcguire hairstyles.

technical difficulty

Some recent search terms:

paula abdul’s bruises


monkey face

bad taste photo olan mills

cher’s dog

green tea anal leakage


married horse

sexy horse

horse sexy

horse monster

horse botox

heather morgan painting


pictures of spider bites

evil phones

i wish i had an evil twin lyrics

There you have it. A hearty nod to the soul searching for the “I Wish I Had an Evil Twin” lyrics. Lambchop and I have selected this as “Our Song.” It keeps the perverts away! We had a lovely time seeing Mr. Merritt live the other night, although we had to tune out a slew of ironic t-shirts and thick glasses. I even spotted an indie rock pedant of Christmas past!

I am taking the bold step of moving hosting in the next few days, so please excuse any dead air. Funny, I do this kind of thing for clients without screwing up, but since I’m not paying me, I can only assume I’ll be somewhat careless. We’ll be back as soon as we can, bringing you more gumjobs, man batter, and leaky horse sex with Cher and Paula Abdul.