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Well, bokka bokka bokka. I am waiting to hear back from the mortgage people to see if Mr. H and I are worthy of helping to tip the American housing market completely into the toilet. This is rather nervewracking, as if I were waiting for free clinic test results after sleeping with all of BU. Or perhaps Bennington. I am in full “what have we done?” mode. I want to throw up. But I won’t, because I didn’t eat breakfast yet. Maybe after. Guess I won’t have oatmeal, that would just be gross.

The Vomitola domain expires in a few months. Should I keep it, or should I pick something new? www.OMG.com is taken. This is a hard choice, people. I want my “personal weblog home page on the information super highway” to reflect my unique personality. I think my blinkie gallery goes a long way towards that goal, but I don’t know if my love for dogs is showcased enough. Oh, and my jokes page could use a Swiffering. When it rains, it pours. There has got to be a New York Times article about just this modern situation.