Along comes reality, goodbye to space

Our nascent year is proving very eventful.  Why, I have received 12 text messages in the last 3 minutes alone!  Sometimes you just wish people would stop communicating with you. Up until the moment they actually do.  

I got a half dozen separate emails today from some lady with questions about the available studio (do emails have twitter-style word limits now?) and I patiently provided the information, before she asks me if it is ok if she has a dog in there.  UH.  I picture a little, sausage-shaped body waggling and sniffling around AROO AROO AROO, its chubby nose on the edge of my pallette, rose madder paw prints.  I don’t know if that is ok, because no sane human being has ever asked. 

But there is more going on than doggy applicants to my studio.  I have a new roommate.  She is a hairdresser, so maybe we can turn our place into the Beauty Bar, home edition.  I showed up to be an extra in a music video by someone I befriended through my roommate ad.  I have 2 shows upcoming, which I am very excited about, but do not yet have details.  I also have a headache.  My “to-do list” has gone from an inky scrap, to a lengthy scroll.  

I know it is obnoxious to complain about being busy.  But I want to be busy doing what I love- smearing paint around, writing fake Morrissey tunes (“The Last One In Is the First One Down”), being “extra”, gluing things to other things for humorous effect.  Not fielding inquiries from Ms. Thick and her hellhound. Or staring at my pager, hoping that it will not go off so that I have to work this weekend. Certainly not working.

But I soldier on in inspired fashion, just having learned that the Jersey’s Shore’s mannish whorelet JWOWW actually studied art in college.  And, laugh till your milk comes out of your nose if you will, but her work was entirely competent.  I certainly never produced any still life that orderly while I was in school.  She must also be clairvoyant, having the forethought to throw a pink elephant in there.

(Photo totally cribbed from Gawker, my source in all things Jersey Shore)

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