I voted the Masonic ballot

Get Out the Vomitola

Well, my little bedbugs, I finally voted, drooling and running my sticky paws all over the delicious croquembouche that is American democracy. I wore new boots to do it! In keeping with this year’s theme of crazy as well as in the spirit of sartorial exuberance, I also made sure to wear my ostrich fascinator and my pantaloons made from the softest weasel.

Voting was a fantastic experience, apart from seeing everyone else voting. I did not get a blister.

What Would Anna Do?

It is important to be well-appointed when one votes. It is also important to only vote for attractive people, but they are so few and far between that this cannot be a hard and fast rule. They sure do remember A Child down at the votertorium, though. She is always complimented on her footwear. At least I am raising her right in one small aspect of life. Perhaps she is bigger since the primaries. Imagine that!

I voted against many terrible people, and vaguely for some less terrible people. Remember when this stuff was fun? I am going to have a lie down.

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