Vomitola Book Club

Didn’t know we had one, did you?  We didn’t either!  We thought our only hobbies were glue-sniffing and composing artful insults.  Well, we can’t let Oprah have all the fun.  Or all the cake.  Of course, we thought we would tiptoe gingerly into the world of edification through flapping papery objects by choosing one that was mainly pictures.  And pictures of drunken slatterns at that! 

And so, our very first selection is Lambchop’s own book of paintings:

Heather Morgan, Hardcover/Hardcore Edition
A painter’s painter and a lady’s lady.
“Maybe because I see Vienna in the paintings, I feel like Doctor Freud when I look at them, a bourgeoisie against the power of hysteria…or maybe it’s that Heather Morgan’s painted ladies are so seductively neurotic that they just feel like patients…” (Don Carroll, Foreword)
This book contains a glimpse into the neurotic fray of Ms. Morgan’s paintings of women. It is a world of bordellos and boudoirs, of bared teeth and breasts.  Pleasure and terror intertwine like pale and stretched limbs in these paintings.  These works invite your gaze, demand it, but they may not call you after.

There is also a softcover version.

Next month we may actually read something.  So that you don’t have to.

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