O, I has a blog

Just the other night, I was thinking I might write a blog post, and maybe even see if I could goad anyone into a content challenge, but then I encountered a group medical situation in my home. This situation has been reviewed by bystanders with phrases including “God hates you” and “OMG plague of Jaffa.” Sneak preview: herpangina!!!1111!!!!

So, I kind of forgot what I was going to write about. I think it had something to do with Dr. Who and might have been timely last week. Timely. Oh, I kill. I didn’t even mean to do that nerd pun. It just springs from my virus-ladden digits. It’s my 25th birthday again today. Each one keeps getting worse. Last year, the highlight of the day was not throwing the baby in the river and eating a burrito. This year, I can’t swallow food, so the burrito is out. Next year, I expect to accidentally teleport somewhere with a lot of lava. And Sarah Silverman. Man, I am just skipping next year.

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