915: Add your voice to the sound of the crowd

I am thinking of switching this site over to Whereisyournose.com. Where is it??? Where’s your nose? Oh, not sure? Well, let’s find my nose first. No? Still no nose? We may need to consult Science on this one. Science holds the cure for fun. Write your own Michael Jackson joke at this point.

Oh, where was I? I am not an animal! Stop poking me. Stop it. What is wrong with you? Why are you pinching me? If you want this piece of pasta, you will stop pinching me. I mean it. Pasta! Look, a bird. That is a bird. Where is the picture of a cat?

I have to go drop off a check for my life insurance tomorrow. What are the odds that I will be hit by a large truck on the way to do this? I have never been more scared in my life. This is more terrifying than being three blocks from home after an exotic vacation. What do you mean, a window a/c fell and crushed her? You sure it wasn’t some rare fever? Leeches? No? Stop pinching me.

3 responses to “915: Add your voice to the sound of the crowd”

  1. Look on the bright side. A window A/C could fall and crush you, but the life insurance envelope could fly out of your hand at the last moment and land in the mailbox, where it is miraculously delivered in the nick of time to the dead letter office. Don’t you wish you had used a stamp?

  2. My zombie hand would have to sign something as well. If only I knew how to fax.

    I just got barred from commenting on your blog! OMGZ.

  3. Perhaps you are easily mistaken as a spambot. Next time, try omitting any URLs and names of prescription medications, although I know that will be difficult as that’s all you ever talk about. My blog is all about learning and growth.

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