It was a beautiful day outside

I no longer care about the grapes on the plate, site and when I returned from “work,” Mr. H was carrying our joint asset down the hall to meet me. A big girl in new shorts was very happy to see me. Little arms! Reaching!

And later we all went for a walk, and it was still so nice out, and everyone is basically on E….oh what a beautiful dog! Screech! Hi! Look at that dog! Pet that dog! Oh what a beautiful ybab! Look at your ybab! No, your dog is still more beautiful! Oh, how kind of you to say! Tickle that ybab! God bless you! Have a nice night! Huuuuuggggggs.

One response to “It was a beautiful day outside”

  1. That last paragraph is priceless. Accurate, and tragic, and hysterical, and wonderful all at the same time.

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