Three thumbs up to this natural disaster

I just phoned Zagat’s and yelled “Fifteen stars!” because I am so impressed with this flood. We are now back home, after only two days of vacation in scenic Chelmsford. We stayed right next to the Hong & Kong, and I had a mai tai with a plastic sword in it. If that’s not nice, then I don’t know what is.

My highly sensitive spirited high needs sprog has learned to throw her arms in the air like the Village People. I have to fight, er, caucus and build consensus, with someone about the depiction of grapes on a plate. For real.

3 responses to “Three thumbs up to this natural disaster”

  1. I don’t know nothing about no grapes. Your Goooogle ad for the day is “Geese Police of VA: Canada Goose Control with Working Border Collies. Franchises Available.” That sounds like the best news to have come out of Virginia in a ybab’s age.

  2. These grapes do not add any motherfucking experiential value, you’ve got that right.

    David, I see “Armadillo Eliminator.”

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