Year of the boor

Well, doggies, innernet! I best not leave you for another week without a post. That is mighty inhospitable. If things ever grind to a halt without my presence, I trust you will lean hard against the wind and steer the prow of your browser to double u double u double u dot wikipedia dot org and view my very favorite entry: Fallacy. Seriously, you could stay there all day! Then this is my second favorite entry, the red herring. If only they’d had Wikipedia ten or fifteen years ago. I wouldn’t have bothered with college. If they’d had IMDB, that might have been nice too. Just the other day, I had to make sure that Henry Ian Cusick is not the same person as James Callis. I am confused by hairstyles. Also, all white people look alike. Also, I can’t find my glasses.

What else is new? Well, I made a vegan chocolate cake to celebrate ybab’s eight month birthday (for me, not her). I even did that Martha Stewart business where one protects the pedestal of the cake stand with parchment paper while I shellacked it with icing. It looked beautiful! But it tasted like ass (the answer is yes, and you’ve tasted it too, I’ll warrant, so stop with the Happy Gilmore line of questioning). A ybab was returned early, and I overcooked the cake part. Oops. A ybab can stand up and walk around the room while holding the finger of a responsible adult (i.e. not me). This is terrifying.

4 responses to “Year of the boor”

  1. RE: ads by Google

    No really how in the hell have I managed to sustain the life of two babies with out it??? My God, I must order seven such braclets today…

    Free Baby Samples
    is this an attempt at population control?

  2. david: I would have to go with acrid, if I’m being fair to the defining flavor of the cake.

    anonymous: well, just don’t have a third child before you obey the advertisement.

    aaron: bless the innernets, bless them.

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