Holiday card theatre

I am shamed beyond belief because there is a tracking error in the inner message in our holiday card. It jumps out at me like a thumb in the eye, and I quake to think of others noticing. But what the hell do you expect when the card was designed in an online software system in two minutes? If you want quality, do it your damn self! At least we spelled everything right, including the word “adequate.”

We receive a card each year that is always remarkable in its liberal massaging of the English language. This year’s installment, a positively uncomfortable Thai massage, reads:

Happy holiday’s from our house to your’s!!!!
Happy new year!!!!
Love [Name],[Name], [Kreatif Spelling Childname 1],[Kreatif Spelling Childname 2] [Kreatif Spelling Childname 3]….

The ellipsis at the end is so ominous, as if there may be an additional child lurking. The pictured children are all at or near the North Pole, judging by the sign post covered with plastic snow. Yet they aren’t really dressed for the weather. Puzzling!

And now for our own important message from a ybab.

4 responses to “Holiday card theatre”

  1. David, I blacked out that entire line in yours so as not to hurt you. Just think of it as a winter greeting from the F.B.I..

  2. I haven’t gotten said card yet.. but will be so sleep deprived from sickness that I will be too stoopid to notice. Their will be no mispeled words in they’re, write? I mean, they’re will be a cute pixture of there kid… s.

    Oh how I love thee, oh ignorant ones.

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