This giant fungus is telling me to KILL

My mom is in town for three days. Already she has achieved a new hot single for the greatest hits by releasing my ybab from the carseat while the car was moving. I guess something something never had something and turned out fine? I don’t know. I couldn’t even quite get to the bottom of it. Instead, I took the high road and screamed and kicked the side of the car. Yes, that high road. You know, under the sea! Hey, that cheerful crab is offering me a turn with the hookah. BBL!

5 responses to “This giant fungus is telling me to KILL”

  1. Lickety: Wasn’t it Miss Britney Spears herself that most recently showed us the dangers of using a baby as an airbag? I am given to understand that baby-airbags are a leading cause of divorce and crotch-flashing.

    David: I don’t know if any mother-fish eat their young but I do know that nurse-sharks eat their littermates while they are still in utero (Or is that in uteri? They have two uteri. Uteruses?)

  2. david: but can these fish eat their own mothers?
    aaron: I didn’t follow that bit about nurse sharks. are you saying i should have eaten my sister? possibly, possibly.
    k: one day they’ll say it about us!

  3. I’m merely using your comment field as an opportunity to say whatever pops into my head. It’s a way of pretending that I am capable of having normal human conversations.

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