This year, I am thankful that Pharrell gave us something to bump to

Pharrell is like the Great Pumpkin, I think.

Secret confession: I am the lady driving around in the Saab wagon with the duct-taped in windshield with the hip hop station blasting. A baby likes it better than all other forms of musical entertainment.

Now, I have an ethical dilemma. Ethicist, a baby went on the Google and found the very embarassing personal ad of the head troll from the condo association Yahoo! group. This troll recently lobbied for the installation of stockades in the lobby for the person who left trash next to the trash chute. This troll makes statements like “Didn’t this yahoo learn anything in kindergarten?”

How did a baby know this person was single? A wretchedly abrasive personality is never a non-starter when it comes to coupling. A baby has a lot to learn. There is some awful person out there for everyone, and the Internet is a uniter, not a divider.

But here’s the problem: a baby thinks I should print out the ad and plaster it liberally about the lobby. I think this is a good idea, but perhaps not environmentally sound. I think I should make a gmail address and email a PDF around instead. You see how we are at odds. A baby offered the compromise that we should do the printing on recycled paper, with vegetable-based inks, and only put the flyers on car windshields in the parking lot instead of all over the lobby. WWYD?

6 responses to “This year, I am thankful that Pharrell gave us something to bump to”

  1. Print it out, but also juxtapose it with personal ads of other trolls she might like to meet. With scrawled commentary. “See? Has most of own teeth! Beggars can’t be choosers.”

  2. I like that you and a baby are acting in cahoots. Perhaps you could offer a troll matchmaking service. A baby could be the receptionist.

  3. Frenzy : then I will have to provide this service to the other trolls too.

    david: I do not cahoot! I am the voice of reason. I have to go stop a baby from signing them all up for NAMBLA.

    max: a baby is filled with the hubris of youth.

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