Leaves fined by condo board for falling in parking lot

Today, the Yahoo! group brain trust proposed that my building should become a gated community because people who don’t live here sometimes turn around in the parking lot. I worry about many frivolous things, but so far, I had managed to skip that one. Someone else’s tires may be touching pavement that my tires will need to touch! I am going to write back and suggest that we erect an ornate gate house and staff it with folks dressed like Raffles Hotel employees. I also want to be addressed as memsahib each time I come back from grocery shopping. Then they must ferry me over the alligator-and-stingray-filled moat on a raft of platinum.

3 responses to “Leaves fined by condo board for falling in parking lot”

  1. Frankly, I think the raft of platinum is going to be the deal-breaker. It seems that Little Miss Grabby isn’t going to be satisfied with white gold like everyone else.

  2. Hah. A few weeks ago, when I was in our parking lot, a woman from the neighboring building approached another one of the neighbors to discuss the “problem” they had with the loony old Chinese woman coming around to collect deposit bottles out of the recycling bins.

  3. Hey there – it’s MegsBK from the MDC forums just leaving you a “drive by” of love. I enjoy the hell out of your blog. You are one funny, sarcastic mama jama.

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