There’s always more to worry about

I am convinced I’ve got a pre-cancerous spot on my left shoulder. Also, I need a new belt. Who knew that eating nothing but croissants and ham for a week could have a salubrious effect, particularly in the area of the waistline? Of course the croissants are half the size that they are in the US, and the ham is served in tiny portions because it is more valuable than gold. Or something.

Yesterday we were invited to our nephew’s “baseball recital.” This child wants nothing more than to DANCE, and he is quite good at it. But he is doing a sport instead. He was going to be in a parade for the opening day of the season, and in his mind I know he saw himself wearing a sequined jacket and riding an elephant. In the end, the league put the wrong date on the mailing, and it’s actually next week. So we all milled around a park for a while, and finally went out for pizza lunch once the mix-up was exposed. He was fine until the cheese slid off his pizza, and then the entire restaurant was filled with the most plaintive, soul-shaking howling.

Here’s some vacation pictures!

The first three are Madrid, then some from the train, and then we remain in Barcelona for the duration. Click one to enlarge it, and then you can tab through or run a slideshow.

I called the white dog Flash. He was so fast. Flash! You are so fast.

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