My Boyfriend’s Back


I am so pleased to introduce you to my better half. For the last six months, generic Steele has been sailing around the Americas. He has just returned today with a marvelous tan and a little sack of worry dolls for me from some godforsaken village where they wear blankets over their heads. I am so happy to see him again! I have prepared his favorite- Pasta Primavera. Steele is a godly man. He has a chin you can stuff quarters into. Each of his locks have been individually kissed by a Florentine hairdresser. He loves Grand Marnier and takes me to every Hugh Grant movie. I am going to run around the room drawing red hearts over each of his pictures. My favorite is this one where he is holding a puppy. Not so much holding it, healing as hugging it.

Here we are vacationing in Ibiza.

lamby and steele poolside


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