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That’s Entertainment!

This is Bob. I can’t really tell you what happened to Bob but I can tell you it was a lot of fun and you should all go and see “Pony Trouble” when it disgraces your local porn theater. The shoot continues to go swimmingly and I have actually picked up some tips for the scripts I am working on. Pine Valley here I come!

In other news, the Smugglers and I did Rollerskating II (electric boogaloo). I love to whirl around the rink, but I think I will never learn to skate backwards. Which is strange, because that’s how I do pretty much everything else. The teen girls at the rink are a frightening species. You take one look at their mean, kohled eyes and their protruding thongs and you know that giving blowjobs is right up next to having a slice of pizza and kicking some bitches ass, in the list of their Saturday night activities. My Saturday night on the other hand included Taco Bell, Orange Julius, and trying on new tiaras at Claire’s Accessories. Maybe I am just simple!