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It Was All Our Fault

Obama’s reelection may not have renewed my spirit, but looking at pictures of all those sad white republicans did give me fresh life and vigor.  But it could not last.  Boredom will set in, that even the pruniest scowl of an entitled christian xenophobe cannot whisk away.

I did come across some good news today.  Apparently, after a full 24 hours of soul searching by the Republican Party, they have determined the culprit for their losses.  If you think they are realizing that a pro-rape stance is not a winning position for today’s congress, you underestimate the clever little buggers.  No, no, they have discovered our trump card.  The SLUT VOTE.

The jig is up, hoes.  But I am proud of us.  Who knew that our hem hitchin’, scabby knee’d ways could coalesce into functional representation?  Surely those cash prize abortions will be released in different flavors now.  I have a real thing for marzipan.

No wonder I feel blasé.  Now that sluts have put their man in the ovum office, what is left to do? Please feel free to tell us, because that is the way we like it best.