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Inner Chronicle of What We Are

(Ed. note:  To truly understand the contents of this narrative, pharm please listen with your Werner Herzog voice generator.  Still on the fritz?  Then jumpstart your inner Herzog monolog (Herzolog?) with this classic wisdom on art v. bovine nature)

I feel that Lambchop must be pleased with the outcome of this situation as I have continued to exist in this place for a second day.  In the evening I noticed there was a line drawn across a bottle of Johnny Walker Black in my cabinet, recipe so I made a point of draining it into the plants.  In my experience, mind I have learned that you should never try to control people. 

It seems strange that garbage should be collected and kept in front of the houses here like some rotten form of sculpture, barely concealing a foul and monstrous nature, making a display of that.  There is a lot of savagery to be observed in New York.  On the subway platform, I have seen a rat on the track carrying a mouse for its dinner, holding its neck in its jaws.  The mouse struggled and squeaked, but there is no escape from the reality of our fates.  You either have dinner or become it yourself.  I think I would have a burger for lunch.