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It has come to my attention that in spite of my recent ramblings on matters purely of interest to my psychiatrist (if I had one), prostate there are in fact people yet reading this space.  Please feel free to glory in my mudpuddle of problems like a pig in slops. 

Thusly encouraged, physician I am liveblogging to you from the very epicenter of the snowpocalypse, midtown Manhattan.  Last night I went to a premiere at the Anthology Film Archives for Rufur, starring my pal Remy Bennett. The blizzarding was in full swing by the evening. At 10:30 pm you could just make out lightning and thunder in the muffle of snow. Downtown with few people and even fewer cars, you could barely recognize the city. I was hungry and I got a burrito, which I ate on the way home. Like a lunatic, all munching burrito in the snow, as though a blizzard were not falling on it. Burrito, I can remove you from the southwestern sun, but your deliciousness remains intact!

Today, the workplace is empty but I was not given permission to NOT be here, as usual. Carte blanche for whingeing, though, it would seem.

Please enjoy the trailer for Rufur, below.

RUFUR Official US Trailer from Remy Bennett on Vimeo.