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Publish or Perish!

We are happy to announce the upcoming launch of the newest in handy guides to cynicism, recipe nihilism, and narcissism. In addition to Vomitola, we are coming out with a new glossy mag to fill your need for self-loathing, makeup tips, and pictures of Morrissey. That and so much more will be premiering in February, just in time to be your Valentine. And you will have to pay for it. Between stalking Jude law and phone calls to Barack Obama (she says once you go barack…ahem), our Helen does not have the time to edit this perfumed poison fishwrap, so I will be your editorial Lambchop. Helen will still be available to tell us not to get fat, and to slap me with a ruler if I misuse a possesive. Order now or a pox on your webbed offspring.