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Pie in the Sky

I lost count at some point, but I think I may have eaten seven (7) pieces of pie over the holiday weekend, a new personal best. I also ate a grilled baby octopus, some black pudding (made of blood!) and 1/4 tray of brownies. Others may pervert the true meaning of Thanksgiving, making it about sports and “sexy” turkey costumes, but with us the shameful overindulgence of the day is kept alive.

Also it’s Christmas. I came across the first seasonal musical offering on the radio on Thanksgiving Day. It was “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” It ended up being anticlimatic as a harbinger, since I heard it 15 times in the days that followed on the 3 stations that were ONLY playing Christmas music, in spite of the fact that there are apparently only 4 Christmas songs. Maybe it is pointless to try and note the start of xmas using music as your guide. Or maybe I spent too much time in the car. Especially as it cut into my pie eating time. It need not have, as it turns out. As we drove down 495 in our tuned-to-xmas mobile, we saw a woman driving in the next lane with an unwrapped pie held aloft on a plate. In her hand. With a fork.

That sighting is probably the better bellwether of the holiday season. Seen anyone eating an entire pie while driving? Oh, it must be Thanksgiftsmas!! Time to fill out stockings with meringue and watch Kate’s Secret! For truly ’tis better to give than to receive.

Thanks, friends, for a lovely holiday!