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Ghost thought

I am writing this, but someone else is thinking it for me. At last, at last. Outsourcing thought is amazing. All it took was getting stuck in a thunderstorm. Safest place is in the car, my ass. I should have worn my jacuzzi suit. Ghost thinker is writing down a memo. No, ghost thinker is making me use the voice memo feature on my phone. Thanks!

Earlier I was at the market, and there was a big pile of Harry Potter books on the floor. They were marked down to $10. How could I resist? I bet these are illegal Harry Potters, written in a sweatshop in China. The stitching will break down after one washing. So far, the plot isn’t what I expected. Harry Potter has returned to the king with the swords of several famous assassins, and he’s going on and on about he slew them. The king is skeptical. Jet Li is there.