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Underwear, it’s everywhere. But mostly underneath.


UnderFest 2004 continues!

Some underwear facts, via Freshpair.com:

It would take nearly 7.5 trillion pairs of men’s large briefs to cover Texas. To put that in perspective, that’s enough underwear to wrap around the earth 179,115 times.

During the 1700s women and men wore chemises, which were elongated shirts with short sleeves. Underpants were not common, even among the upper classes. (See, Lambchop and I are of the highest class!)

Men spend about $3.4 billion annually on underwear; women spend about $8.6 billion.

I am crafting a line of Vomitola logo thongs, so you should save your pennies until the blessed day people stop bothering me long enough so that I might finish the design. Lindsay Lohan’s people are not calling me back about the co-branding idea. How strange.